Studying Ants Antics ? What a waste of time and Money!

Radio receivers will be fitted to a thousand ants in world first experiment probing their habits and means of communication The three-year project by researchers from the University of York will take place on the National Trust’s Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire, a hotspot for the northern hairy wood ant. Oh for Heavens sake – what for? Are they going to be able to listen to “The Archers” ?

USA Rape Gaffe

During the interview for KTVI-TV on Sunday, Mr Akin was questioned about his no-exceptions view on abortion, a highly charged issue in the US. Asked if he would like abortion to be banned even if a pregnancy was the result of rape, the 65-year-old replied: “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” WHAT!! Words absolutely fail me !

Knitting and Maths

Dr Sarah-Marie Belcastro uses knitting to explore the mathematical concepts that she uses, encounters and thinks about every day. She is not alone! Many knitters try to reproduce mathematical concepts in wool to stretch their skills. She now uses the skill to turn fiendishly complex mathematical concepts into woolly objects. Oh really? I’ve been knitting for years and never realised I could have been a budding mathematition!

Night work?

Why is it we can wake up in the night – our brains full of energy – give ourselves a list of things to do the next day, even imagine ourselves busy doing the jobs! Go back to sleep feeling really smug at what we’ve accomplished, and then when we get up in the morning do no jobs at all because we are too tired!

Ladies upper bits and Men’s Down bits.

I’m very interested to know why men’s underpants haven’t got the same sizing system as ladies brassieres. As all ladies upper bits are in different sizes ( cup sizes AAA to infinity) – am I right in thinking all men’s down bits are of differing sizes also? If thats the case, lets bring out the new sizing system for men’ pants , called say “mug size A to G” Would  men be more comfortable with this improvement? What do you think?